In Grignan, you will be able to visit the castle, the museum of typography, the miniature village of provence, and in the surroundings, the abbey of Aiguebelle, Vaison-la-Romaine, the castle of Rochegude and many of other sites.

Grignan has many historical sites, the castle, the "collégiale saint-Sauveur" (the collegiate church), the belfry, the "fontaine du mail" (fountain of the mallet)…

The village is flourished with many species of old roses which cover the village walls during the spring. Grignan is also the country of lavender and the truffle.

The Marquise de Sévigné, famous writer of the 17th century used to visit her daughter, Madame de Grignan, in her castle, in Grignan.

You will enjoy walking in the narrow street of the village and visiting the colourful provencal market, on Tuesday mornings.

During the summer, you will attend to the night festivals and will take part in the festival of correspondence (writing): in the evening you can meet storytellers, readers and calligraphers across the streets and in dedicated places. You may also see some famous actors performing around the topic of poetry in the beautiful collegiate church or castle gardens. During the long summer evenings, you will also see the very animated night markets.

You will love Grignan. Many attractions are offered to the tourists. Tennis, swimming pool, horse-back riding, fishing, game of bowls, excursions. The countryside is beautiful with its many oaks, scrubland, but also poplars on the river side.

In July the lavenders and sunflowers fields offer a colourful spectacle. The most courageous of you will take a picnic and reach the top of the Lance mountain at 1338m of altitude or the Angèle mountain at 1529 m.

You will taste the specialities of the country in the many restaurants. During winter, many concerts are given at the collegiate church or in the castle.

Ah! I was going to forget… Grignan is also and especially the sun.